Immigration to Canada from Israel – TML Agency

For more than 14 years The Maple Leaf (TML) Agency has been providing comprehensive services in the process of immigration to Canada. TML staff is a team of professionals in various fields; their knowledge and experience are to ensure a stable positive result.

Canada has one of the highest immigration rates in the world.

Have you decided to immigrate to Canada? TML Agency will guide you all the way through the immigration process.

The immigration procedure is a combination of different activities which must comply with various instructions of Canadian immigration authorities. New rules or amendments to immigration law appear every year. In order to make sure the application is accepted and processed without problems and delays it is necessary to keep track of all the latest changes.

The official website of the department of Immigration lists all that is required from potential applicants.

Still, some difficulties may arise due to specific requirements to the documents, copies and translations that need to be submitted.

Differences between the labour market demand and education systems of Canada, Israel, Russia, CIS or USSR may also present certain complications for the applicant.

TML Agency will help you to fill out all the necessary forms, will provide certified translations of the documents in compliance with Canadian specifications, will answer all the questions which may arise in the course of the immigration process.

We take care of different kinds of visas.

Do you want to study? We will help you to obtain a student visa.

Do you want to work? We will help you to get a work permit.

Are you attracted by the beauty of Canada, where you wish to study, work and live in harmony with yourself and with the world? You will need to obtain a visa for permanent residency – and we are here for you.

TML Agency takes into consideration the cases of people who were required to leave Canada within a fixed period of time. If there is any chance to get you back in a legitimate manner, we will use it to help you.

The Agency often helps people already involved in the immigration process but needing assistance on the territory of other countries (CIS or Canada).

Problems that seem unresolvable to you may have a solution. We will help you to find it.

The Agency provides photo taking services. All photographs are processed according to the guides specified by the website of the Department of Immigration.

TML Agency is here to make your dream come true.