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Business Immigration

State programs of Business Immigration to Canada are created by the government of the country to attract entrepreneurs who are able to organize business and provide jobs for residents of Canada or invest in existing businesses.

This type of immigration is suitable for those candidates who, for one or several reasons, do not attend the Express Entry program, such as language skills, age, lack of higher education, etc. An indispensable condition for business immigration to Canada is the experience of running an independent business for at least two years and having enough own funds in order to organize a business or be able to invest.

The federal program of business immigration to Canada consists of three main categories:

  • Investors;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Self-employed.

Each of these categories has its own set of requirements, which can be found below. It is important to remember that you cannot apply to all three categories of business immigration at the same time !!!

A candidate wishing to immigrate to Canada, as an Investor, should:

  • Have funds in the amount of not less than CAD $ 1,600,000;
  • Have the opportunity and desire to invest at least CAD $ 800,000 for a period of at least 5 years to the Government of Canada;
  • Experience in the creation and / or active management of a profitable enterprise for at least two years from the last five.

Entrepreneur Program requires from a candidate:

  • Availability of financial resources;
  • Experience in the creation and / or management of a profitable enterprise

By its complexity, this immigration program, along with investors, certainly makes it almost inevitable participation of a professional immigration lawyer during the immigration process. Our immigration agency will give you professional support at all stages of business immigration, help with paperwork and clarification of all aspects.

Individuals who a SELF- EMPLOYED also have the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. For this, the candidate must have:

  • Sufficient professional skills and experience in conducting private practice for at least 2 years;
  • Pass medical examination and
  • Do not have a criminal passed.

The Self-Employed category includes:

  • Sport or coach, leading private practice
  • Artists (artists, actors, singers, photographers, designers, etc.)
  • Farmers who have previous farm management experience and who wish to purchase a farm in Canada.

Our specialists will give you full assistance in preparing the documents and aligning them with the immigration criteria of the province where you will immigrate. For more information, you can contact the TML Agency consultants and we will answer any of your questions and select a program for you and your family.