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Express Entry

Express Entry is a system for selecting candidates for Immigration to Canada, which allows significantly shorten the time for consideration of applications under the following federal programs:

  • FederalSkilledWorkerProgram;
  • FederalSkilledTradesProgram;
  • Canadian Experience Class

The so-called Provincial Nominee Programs can also use the Express Entry database to select candidates according to the immigration requirements of each province.

Advantages of the new Express Entry System:

  • SPEED – Review of application is not more than 6 months;
  • OPPORTUNITY independently to find an employer and get a job. ALL THIS is POSSIPLE Before moving to CANADA!!!
  • NO RESTRICTIONS on the list of specialties and the number of seats.

In order to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system, you must first fill out an online questionnaire and create your Profile in the database of new candidates (Express Entry Pool). The candidate’s profile includes the following categories:

  • SKILLS – Professional qualification,acquired, mainly, during education process.
  • WORK EXPERIENCE– corresponding to the profession, which was announced by the candidate and according to which he/she intends to work upon arrival in Canada.
  • LANGUAGE ABILITY– Ability to talk, read and write, at least one of the languages accepted in Canada – English or French.
  • EDUCATION– Candidate’s education can significantly increase the number of points scored by him.

Online application forms for Canadian immigrants are assessed using the Comprehensive Rankin System. Points are awarded based on the data that was indicated on the applicant’s online form, such as education, work experience, language ability and other. The candidate receives the decisive number of points when he/she has a JOB OFFER – a job offer from the Canadian Employer approved by the Labor Market Impact Assessment ora Nomination from Province. Candidates with the highest scores will receive an invitation to apply for a permanent residence in Canada (Invitation to Apply).


  • When you receive an invitation to APPLY, you have to submit a full package of document during 60 DAYS ONLY. In case you did not meet this TERM, the invitation will be canceled and you will be able to apply again only after 12 months.
  • All the documents provided to the Immigration Authorities of Canada must be TRUE. If the Immigration Authorities consider that the data is incorrect (even if it is a consequence of a banal mistake or negligence), you will be denied and your Application will be deleted from the Express Entry Pool for 5 years.
  • The guarantee to receive Invitation to Apply is to obtain the JOB OFFER or Nomination from a Province. Therefore, it is extremely important to correctly prepare a CV, as well as references and covering letters adapted to Canadian norms and standards.

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