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Family Sposporship

The Family Sponsorship Program enables Canadian Citizens or Permanent residents who are already 18 years old to sponsor their relatives for the purpose of their arrival to Canada.

In this case, your relatives will have the opportunity to live, study and work in Canada when they will receive their residence permit.

Family Sponsorship applies on the following relatives:

  • Spouse, with whom the sponsor is in an official marriage or has a Common Law. In order to obtain a residence permit for this category, it is necessary to provide a certificate of authenticity of the relationship;
  • A child under the age of 19, who is not married;
  • Parents, grandparents of the sponsor; As an alternative to family sponsorship for parents, grandparents, there is the possibility of obtaining a Super Visa. Undoubtedly, it is not equivalent to the status of a permanent resident, but at least it gives parents the opportunity to freely enter Canada and stay on its territory for a long time.
  • Brothers and sisters, nephews, grandchildren who are orphans under the age of 18, and unmarried.

In order to apply for the Family Sponsorship program, the sponsor must sign an agreement with the Federal Government and provide evidence that he is able to:

  • The sponsor must show that he has a stable income (salary) for the last 12 months;
  • Satisfy basic needs for yourself and his/her family, such as food, clothing and shelter, medical expenses;
  • Provide financial support to relatives so that they do not need financial support from the Government (for a period of 3-10 years). Sponsorship means that a Canadian citizen takes the obligation to maintain relative and provide for him living, food, money to cover daily needs and medical expenses not covered by the state (dental treatment, eyesight examination, cosmetic surgery, etc.), if A sponsored relative cannot provide this by himself.
  • Another mandatory requirement is that the sponsor must live in Canada throughout the entire process of Sponsorship Program.

If, for any reason, a relative starts receiving a financial assistance from the State, the sponsor will be responsible for the return of funds to the Canadian government.

Like any candidate passing the immigration process, it is necessary to attach to the application a certificate from the Police and a certificate from the medical Institution that you have good health.

TLM Agency will provide consulting support about immigration issues for Family Sponsorship Program, will help with preparation of all documents, as well as the elucidation of legal aspects that can significantly speed up and simplify the immigration process. For more information, you can contact our agency’s consultants, and we are happy to provide detailed information for this type of immigration.