Education in Canada is the most comfortable route to immigrate to Canada for people at the age of 17 to 45. If everything is done correctly then there will be no problems to immigrate. In this route, everything depends on you.

How this route does work? You travel to Canada and study at one of the many institutions there is, after graduation, you will receive a work permit an start working and getting work experience after some time you will receive resident status and eventually full citizenship.

Obviously, you will need to speak and write in English or French at a good level. If you don’t speak one of the languages but you have a lot of will, there are tons of languages schools in Canada that will help you learn the language in a period 6-12 months and in the meantime, you could start building friendships and connections that will help you adopt in your new country.

Our Team easily will help you find the right education facility and will escort you throughout the way: starting at the application and finishing with the student visa in addition to that our agency have a connection with most of the facilities in Canada which allows you to enjoy a lower price for the education and the immigration services.

Studying with TML Agency – is easy and worth it!