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Program Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program (CEC) is a program for Canadian Foreign Workers who wish to obtain the status of Permanent Residence. The process of applying for the Canadian Experience Class program is carried out through the Express Entry System, which greatly facilitated the submission of the application for immigration to Canada. The uniqueness of the CEC program lies in the minimum requirements for the candidate, such as:

  • The candidate must have 1 year of professional or technical work experience in Canada within 36 months from the date of filing the application;
  • The applicant must present the IELTS English test not lower than CLB5 or CLB7, depending on the level of work for which he/she is applying;
  • The applicant must not live and work in the province of Quebec.

All applications received under this program fall into the common system of Express Entry and are processed in order. Of course, when calculating points, the personal information is taken into account: age, education, work experience, the level of proficiency in the state languages of the main applicant, and also of his spouse. The applicant’s education must be confirmed by the World Education Services (WES).

Pay attention, the Express Entry rating system will not only allow the immigration authorities to select the best of the best, but it will give those applicants who scored low points to participate in the selection next month. Thus, shortage of points in February does not mean that the applicant will not be selected in September.

Also, the Canadian Experience Class program enables International Students to quickly and easily obtain Permanent Residence status in Canada. After completing the course of study at the Canadian Educational Institution, many graduates have the right to stay in Canada and get a work permit. If during this time the graduate receives at least 1 year of professional or technical work experience, the candidate is eligible to apply through the Express Entry System and join the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.