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Student Visa

Canada is one of the most prosperous and developing countries in the world. Many people not only want to move to live in this country, but also to get there education.

In a recent speech, the Minister of Immigration of Canada proposed to focus on immigration applications for potential immigrants wishing to pursue higher education in Canada, to undergo an internship and only after that to begin the immigration process. This way he noted as a logical continuation of the begun path of integration in the Canadian society and on the Canadian labor market. In order to study in the territory of Canada is mandatory to obtain a Student.

How should the immigration process starts? Where and how to find out what should you study? University, college, professional courses? What is the duration of the education?  How much does it cost per year? How can I pay? What should you do if you have already a family and children? On what and where will the family live whiles you study in Canada? What will the family members of the student do? To all these questions, the Agency’s employees will compile and prepare an individually immigration way taking into account all the interests and needs of the potential applicant.

For admission to the University of Canada, you must:

  • For a Student Visa, you must first have a letter from the selected Canadian school with a confirmation of enrollment (Proof of Acceptance). After that, the candidate must prepare his package of necessary documents and forms for applying to the Visa Application Center of Canada.
  • A necessary and very important document for the visa officer’s decision to issue a student visa is a motivation letter from a potential student;
  • Pass the language test IELTS or TEF. The test for knowledge of one of the official languages of Canada (English/ French).
  • Have a Transcript from the school with grades for the last three years (upon admission to the Graduate program).
  • Prove the availability of financial resources (you must prove that you have enough funds to pay for living and studying in Canada).
  • Letter from the Police and confirmation of a good state of health.

The application process for a Student Visa takes usually aroud 4-6 weeks. Also, a potential student may be assigned an interview with a visa officer.

Important information!!! In order for you to be enrolled in a Canadian college or university from the beginning of the academic year (usually starting in September, in some schools the start time may vary), you must be invited to study at a college / university in Canada no later than January- February this year, and start communication with the educational institution of Canada is necessary even earlier, because A lot of time is spent on correspondence with the educational institution, preparing and providing the necessary documents for the college / university, passing the IELTS / TEF language test, etc., only after that it is possible to prepare a package of necessary documents for obtaining a student visa.

These and many other nuances should be taken into account when applying for a Student Visa. Immigration Consultants of our agency will help you to understand this process and will make your Dream true to Learn and Live in Canada!!!